Monocle Man

Hi.  My name is Eric and today’s blog will be promoting the soundtrack for Monocle Man, a game that originally released for the Ouya in June 2013.  This soundtrack was composed by Kaleb Grace and Davain Martinez.  I am promoting this soundtrack as a thank you to a Youtube channel called VG Music of the Day(, which posts 1 song every day; there are 7 different uploaders on this channel 1 for each day of the week and Kaleb is one of the uploaders.  A link to their channel will be at the end of this blog.  First off, I really like this soundtrack a lot.  It’s a chiptune soundtrack, which I absolutely love.  I have always felt nostalgic when it comes to chiptune or 8-Bit soundtracks.  I think both Kaleb and Davain did a great job doing the soundtrack for this game.  A lot of the songs are heavily atmospheric or energetic.  It’s a nice soundtrack to listen to when you need a boost of confidence.  Some of the songs that really caught my attention were the following: Monocle Man, Swimming in Sand, and Watch Your Step.  However, all these songs pale in comparison to my favorite song in the game, which is Walking on Air.  This song is atmospheric and really easy to listen to if you need to wind down to a song.  If you want to purchase this soundtrack FOR FREE, a  link to it will be at the end of the post.

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  1. Great article, Eric! Thank you for your kind words about the OST. I hope to continue writing music for your enjoyment. =}

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